Cable Industry Employment In State Grew 30% Since 2006

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Cable Industry: Employment In State Grew 30 Percent Since 2006


The Hartford Courant

October 4, 2011

Cable television and high-speed Internet connections are no longer viewed as discretionary expenses, which is one reason the cable industry has continued to grow despite an economic downturn, according to a study done for the industry by the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute.

The number of cable industry workers grew by 30 percent, or about 1,000 jobs in the last four years, even as Connecticut's overall employment decreased more than 4 percent, or about 72,000 jobs, the study, which is being released Wednesday, found.

In addition, more businesses and small businesses are "dependent on their Internet connection," said Marty Romitti, the Donahue Institute's director of economic and policy research.

Employment in the cable industry stood at 3,300 last year, and supported another 3,400 jobs in other industries throughout the state for a total of 6,700 jobs, the report said.

The study, funded by the New England Cable & Telecommunications Association, also found that the cable industry generated nearly $1.5 billion in total economic activity last year, including $850 million in direct spending on capital products and prompted other industries, such as cable programmers, advertising and technical services to spend another $621 million.

"At a difficult time for Connecticut, the cable industry was making significant investments in technology, infrastructure and people," said Paul Cianelli, president chief executive of the association. "Not only did these investments create economic activity when Connecticut needed it most, but they laid the foundation for future economic growth."

Other key highlights:

From 2006 through 2010, major cable companies spent $928 million on capital projects, including the network and customer equipment.

The investment created and supported 26,000 miles of broadband and 6,000 miles of fiber strand.

The cable industry contributed $141 million in state and local taxes and fees.

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