Bill Calling for Review of Cable Company Performance Dies in State Senate

On April 21, 2010, this legislation was approved by the State House of Representatives by a vote of 135-9, but the Senate failed to act by the Legislature's adjournment date of May 5.  

You can use the link below to get more details on this bill.

sHB 5463



This bill requires the Department of Public Utility Control to conduct a performance review every two years of every person, entity, or company holding a cable TV certificate to review the state of the industry and to ensure compliance with applicable terms and conditions of their certificates. (There are three types of Cable TV certificates but the laws applying to the various providers are similar. ) The review may include issues such as customer service, community access support, management of outages, service to handicapped and low-income customers, and cooperation with the department. The reviews must be conducted as contested cases with the attorney general and the Office of Consumer Counsel as parties and include an opportunity for a hearing. The department may designate the applicable advisory councils as an intervenor in the case. There is a council for each franchise area and a statewide council.

EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2010

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