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Each cable TV company, in our case Comcast, must maintain an advisory council for each franchise area. We represent the seven towns in Comcast's Vernon area franchise. The chief elected official of each town can appoint from one to four council members, depending on the town's population. The school board of each town can appoint one member. The library board of the largest town in the area appoints one member to represent all of the libraries in the area. (Conn. State Statute 16-331ee).
This Council was created to serve as a liaison between subscribers and the cable TV company. We deal with both suggestions and complaints, and make recommendations to Comcast on your behalf.

Community Access Dispute Resolution:

In addition, we review and work to resolve resolve concerns and complaints with respect to programming and operations of Public Access, Educational and Government access channels (PEG). If the Advisory Council is unable to resolve the matter, it may, in its discretion, bring the isue to the attention of the state Department of Public Utility Control (DPUC) and Office of Consumer Counsel.

Council Members Needed:

If you are interested in serving on this Cable Advisory Board and you live in or have a vested interest in one of our seven communities please contact your Town Council, Board of Selectmen, Board of Education or Paul Batterson the acting chair of VACAC at vbatterson@snet.net.


For your convenience, the links below provide more information on the Advisory Council and cable television.   

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